Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Last but not Least

Oh my goodness Restyle is over! Which means this month is basically over as well! Did you follow along with any of the op shopping prompts? The last two were pretty straight forward, Stripes and Colour Block. The Stripes prompt fell on Monday which was a public holiday in WA, so I was very happy to pull out my FAVOURITE black and white striped T. I bought this T at the start of the year for 25 cents and literally wear it every single weekend. I’ve worn it once already for Restyle. It is such a great wardrobe staple.


Yesterday’s prompt (and the final one!) was Colour Block, which is surprisingly hard for me to do because I have sooo much pattern in my wardrobe and hardly any plain coloured items. I pulled this bright ensemble together at the last minute and it was the perfect thing to wear for the start of a short week. The entire thing is op shopped too!

 Colour Block

I’ll be back on Friday with a wrap up of all my Restyle outfits. I hope you enjoyed following along with my favourite style challenge! 

Monday, 26 September 2016

Super Proud

GUYS! I am super proud of the last few Restyle prompts. Friday was DIY and if you happened to follow me back when I was an official blogger for Restyle in 2014, DIY was the prompt that really tripped me up (see it here), so I was determined to get it right this time.


I went with a pretty simple outfit, throwing on my DIY denim shorts (every true op shop girl has a pair in their wardrobe), a striped T and a vintage hat. I personalised my little cross body bag with some iron letters from Spotlight, it was the easiest DIY ever and I love having my very own HM bag!


Saturday’s prompt was Florals, which is right up my alley, I literally have a whole wardrobe of floral skirts, dresses and blouses to choose from. I went with a new addition though, this vintage Laura Ashley jumpsuit, I picked it up from Save the Children in Mosman Park. It’s SO fun to wear! 

Print clash

And rounding off the week with a print clash! Which isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Starting with a black and white print is always easiest, so I pulled out my trusty spotty skirt and paired it with this wild fruit printed shirt and an armful of colourful bangles. 

Today’s prompt is stripes, which is easy peasy! Pop over to insta to see my look xx

P.S You may have noticed my latest accessory... the moon boot. Definitely not as fun as it sounds, you'll be seeing it around the blog for the next 4 weeks. It's nothing serious, just a timely reminder that sports are dangerous and getting older sucks. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Gucci Geek

I thought Geek Chic might be the end of me. I didn't really know what the prompt meant, without going totally on the nose and wearing some fake reading glasses and a shirt buttoned up to the neck. In the end I decided to take my inspiration from Gucci's much loved recent collections, all classing prints, over the top bows and serious vintage vibes...

Geek Chic

What do you think? I'm wearing a vintage dress and jacket from the Salvos, some incredible Tom Ford sunnies from Vinnies and Hermes scarf tied up like a bow from St Luke's op shop in Mossy park. I'm a wannabe Gucci-Geek!


This is a great prompt! I've always said the the easiest way to try your hand at op shopping is to start with the accessories. You might be a bit nervous to dive right in in a head to toe second hand outfit, but adding a few op shopped necklaces, scarves, bags or sunnies to your wardrobe is super easy. And fun! Who doesn't love more accessories! My entire outfit is op shopped, including my vintage hat, sunnies, cross body bag, Goyard tote, bandana and espadrilles! 


For Pleats I wore my picnic table dress! It's another vintage number that feels like plastic, but is so fun to wear. The pleats in the skirt give the dress a bit of shape. I threw on the jacket at the last minute and accessorised with orange... because that was the obvious choice, right?!

P.S Today's prompt is DIY, check out my insta (@inthedressupbox) to see my op shopped outfit!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Head to Toe

How have you found the first few days of Restyle? I had some fun over the weekend that’s for sure! The Prompt for Saturday was Outerwear, which was the best excuse ever to don one of my favourite thrifted coats for the day. It’s very ‘Almost Famous’, so I threw myself into character as Penny Lane with some loud florals and round sunnies.

4. Outer Wear 

5. After Dark

Sunday was a perfect marriage of prompt and event, with the prompt being After Dark and the event themed ‘Casino Royale’! My whole outfit is thrifted from my faux fur wrap to my strappy stilettos. This vintage velvet dress has been sitting in my wardrobe for almost a year (oops!) waiting to be worn. It fits like a glove and cost me $2 from the Salvos (did you know that on Monday’s a quarter of their clothes are all $2?!)

6. Black and White

And Monday’s prompt was Black & White, which is always a classic. I had endless options but went with some of my most worn items. A striped Bassike T that set me back a whole 25 cents, my new (to me) black jeans and these super comfy espadrilles. Plus a hat... because I can never resist a pop of red! 

Today's prompt is Geek Chic, which I found a little hard, but eventually managed to pull something together (see my look over on Insta!)

Friday, 16 September 2016

Oh Hey Restyle!

It’s Restyle time!!! The annual op shop style challenge organised as part of the Perth Fashion Festival! This year it’s only for two weeks, rather than the whole month, which means it’s easier than ever to get involved! Every day you need to wear something op shopped that coincides with the ‘style prompt’ of the day. Check out #Restyle2016 on insta to see the daily prompts!

Day 1 - Bows

The first 3 days were fairly standard, Bows, Spots and Metallic. I easily put together outfits from my op shopped wardrobe that worked for each prompt. For bows I wore this beautiful silky blouse with a big ol' pussy bow. It feels super luxurious to wear! My whole outfit is thrifted, from my brooches down to my boots, talk about a great start to Day 1!

Day 2 - Spots

Spots is a no brainer. My wardrobe is full of spotty items in all different colour combos and styles. This black and white spotty dress is one of my go-tos when I’m stuck for something to wear. It always looks good and can be worn with SO MANY different things.

3. Metallic

And to round off the first week we have metallic! Slightly more tricky, but I was saved by this simple silver T, originally from Zara, it cost me a whopping $2 at the Red Cross and is a super alternative to a classic black or white T. I wore it with this amazing African print wrap skirt and some classic accessories. A perfect way to head into the weekend!

P.S Make sure follow along on Insta with #Restyle2016!

Friday, 9 September 2016

Stylish Side

My birthday brings out my stylish side. Or at least I always feel I can dress a little more unapologetically for my birthday (and the days surrounding it!) because it’s all about me me me! Saturday night was a vintage kaftan, Sunday during the day I wore a floral jumpsuit and in the afternoon I changed into some serious sparkles for drinks with my girlfriends.

I’ve wanted one of these vintage sequined butterfly tops for years, so when my aunt pulled this one out from her storage unit and passed it on to me a few months ago I was beyond excited. It’s the perfect thing to wear on your birthday!

Top: Vintage, hand-me-down
Jeans: Levis, Good Sammies Myaree $2
Shoes: Salvos Fremantle $7
Clutch: Escada, Melville Markets $1 (!!!) 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Two Nine

It was my birthday on Sunday! I have now entered the last year of my 20s! I thought I would be a little less enthusiastic about it, but I’ve gotta be honest and say that I feel really great. My life has fallen in to place over the last year and given I’ve never been one to set a five year plan or have major life goals, I feel like this year I’ve ticked off some serious milestones.

The next 12 months as a 29 year old are going to be really fun. I’m a bridesmaid for the first time in February, Luke and I have some great trips planned (both small and not-so-small), we have huge plans for our new house, and of course it will be the lead up to our own wedding at the end of 2017. I’m excited to say the least!

I spent my birthday weekend doing all my favourite things. I met an old friend for coffee, did some solo op-shopping (my favourite!), went out for a delicious dinner, drank champagne with my girlfriends and ate homemade pizza with the family. It was perfect. This is my outfit from Saturday night. I thrifted this amazing vintage kaftan earlier in the day and was so excited to wear it. It’s suitably OTT for a birthday dinner! 

Dress: Anglicare Belmont, $7
Earrings: Lovisa
Sandals: Free People, eBay

P.S Happy Spring!!! Best time of the year (although I may be slightly biased).